IWCDC established in1980 has traverse in rendering socio-economic upliftment services to the community over the period of 27 years.

IWCDC having its office at Imphal, Capital of Manipur state one of the seven sisters of North Eastern region of India. IWCDC is operating throughout the state of Manipur.

During the past decades, Manipur has been in a turmoil arising out of insurgency, ethnic clashes, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, retarded economic development and negative repercussion flowing out of these issues and ultimately prejudicing the welfare interest of women, child and youth.


In 1980's

Crèche centre
Educating school dropped out girls
Adult education
Running schools for the underprivileged tribes
Vocational program (weaving, traditional handlooms by school dropped out girls, embroidery/tailoring & wool knitting)

In 1990's

(Continuation of activities of 1980’s)

Environmental projects e.g. planting trees in the rural forest areas.
Rural development program e.g. Low cost sanitary latrine construction, road construction.
Capacitating rural women
Drug demand reduction program
Running 30 bed drug treatment centres for male drug users specially focused on Detoxification, De-addiction and Rehabilitation.
Rapid Intervention and Care project (RIAC) targeted intervention project among Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) and their sexual partners.

In 2K's

(In continuation to the activities of 1980’s and 1990’s undertook the following new projects)

Shishu greh

A placement home far away from home for the relinquished and abandoned children (0-6 years) for the In-country legal adoption.

1. Established in 2001
2. “Garden of purity and happiness for the children” Punya Nawa Yaiphakol”, a home with close knit family and conducive environment where the services are rendered round the clock.
3.Children come to us from all over the state and they are placed in loving families selected out of the many awaiting prospective adoptive parents through legal process.
4. Children not taken into adoption by prospective adoptive parents for reason of facial dissimilarity, skin color, Deformities ,Disabilities etc. is an additional challenge of IWCDC.

Punya Shelter home for Girls

25 bedded shelter home for Girls who are in need of care and protection

1. Formal & Non formal education for all the children in private and Govt schools.
2. Behavioral & psychological counseling to monitor the needs and problem of the children.
3. Skill enhancement.
4. Exposure program
5.Indoor & outdoor recreational activities
6.Speedy rehabilitation and re-integration within a maximum period of two years
7.Spiritual program for empowering the children to instill moral values.

Community Based Care and Support (CBCS) for HIV/AIDS afflicted children

1. Daily tutorial classes at three sites in the community of the project areas.
2. Regular health check up by the visiting doctors.
3. Nutritional and Medicinal support.
4. Recreational and extra curriculum activities Viz quiz,picnic, drawing competition etc.
5.Capacity building for the caregivers of the HIV afflicted children
6.Speedy rehabilitation and re-integration within a maximum period of two years
7.Spiritual program for empowering the children to instill moral values.

On going programs of sponsorship for underprivileged children to support them in availing their rights to education and health through mobilization of resources from willing sponsors and contributors.