A little about US….

The Punya Children Home for Girls is the 50 capacity girl’s Child Care Institution / Children Home run by Integrated Women and Children Development Centre (IWCDC) under the Grand- in- aid of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, under Integrated Child Protected Scheme (ICPS), through Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur. The Home came into being in the year 2007. A home for intervention program for girl child aged 7-18 years providing temporary as well as long term shelter ( upto 18 years of age) for “Children in need of care and protection”.

It is a 50 bedded & recognized by the Govt. Of Manipur as a Child Care Institution /Children Home for Girls under registration no. 9/4-JJA of 2010 Dated 28th August 2010, renewed on 18/11/2016.


Our Mission is to be a strong voice for children, championing their rights & reaching out to children in need of care and protection, offering them a protective home and rehabilitate them through a holistic rehabilitation program.


  • To give immediate care and protection to the children.
  • To protect the child from vulnerable situations by sustained interventions.
  • To rehabilitate and reintegrate the children in the mainstream society.
  • To carry out follow-up services to ensure that the children do not return to vulnerable situations.

Source of Referral:

Any person can refer a child in need of care and protection. However, the child/case has to be placed before the concerned District Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the court is to issue a detention order for admission of the child in the Home /Child Care Institution.


  • Overnight protective stay
  • Rehabilitation stay

Types of rehabilitation

  • Institutional rehabilitation and restoration to biological parents
  • Adoption
  • Foster Care
  • After Care Program and economic empowerment.

QUANTITATIVE DATA  FOR THE Reporting period 2019-2020

Sl no  Data of children during the reporting period  Number of children
1.No. of  children given service during the reporting period (1st April -31st March 2020)63
2.No. of children present during the first day of the reporting period(1st April 19)46
3.Total No. of children newly admitted during the period17
 No. of children transfer to other child care Institution  1
5.Restoration of Children
To guardian
To parents
To foster parent
6.No. of children present on last day of reporting period( March 2020)45
7.Education and Vocational details
No. of children enrolled for formal school
No. of children enrolled for non-formal education
No. of children enrolled for vocational training

  • The Home could successfully placed an older child who was legally free for adoption to a foster family.
  • This is the ever first case in Manipur regarding Foster care

Service provided

  • Counselling services are also provided to children to overcome personal crisis, motivation, addressing behaviour problems, educational related and career counselling, building relationship and on life plans providing a safe environment in which the children can build a good relationship among them, improves communication skills and more receptive to feedback and suggestions. A total of 576 sessions on individual counselling and 172 sessions on Group counselling was carried out during this reporting period.

  • The health of the children are a paramount consideration and keeping in view of this, the health of the children are strictly monitored. Regular health check up are done once a week or whenever need arises by the concern paediatrician .Immediate medical care are also given even in odd hours. Nurses are available round the clock.

  • Recreational activities aims for children enjoyment, pleasure, fun & to protect provide & enhance the personality development of child. Dancing, Zumba ,watching movies, games & sports, yoga, Kriya etc. are carried out. Children also participated Annual Yaosang Meet “ Play with the Colour”  sponsored by Back the Pillar a NGO work for underprivileged children..  

  • A Home study, follow up  is conducted for every admitted, restored and fostered children . It aims to assess the child’s background, family environment & to bridge the gap between the child & the family.  A total number of 65 home study and 23 follow up were conducted during the reporting period. It is to ensure whether the child is getting the love, education, care & protection.

  • Education is given priority for child’s development & preparing them for the future.Children are provided both formal and informal education in the home .

  •  The children are provided Formal Education in both Government and Private Schools. During the nationwide lockdown student were given online classes. The children studying in primary and upper primary are being tutored by our tutor, professionals and house mother.


The staff of the two Home also participated on various programmes and functions organised by the Social Welfare Dept, MSLSA, CARA, MCPCR, NIPCCD etc. Other orientation programmes are also conducted outside the state also. The participation of such programme enables the staff more proactive to cope up with every situation related with children’s issue based problem.

Visits by well wisher: The two Homes are often visited by many well wishers and donated different utilities for the children also. Functions and other entertaining programmes are also performed by the children to welcome the visitors.

  • Prof. J Mazumdar ,Member AC, CARA visited on 4th April 2019 , has commented “very good infrastructure, neat and clean, staff member are motivated.
  • Mrs. Upma Srivastava, Additional Secretary , Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt. of India, New Delhi visited on 15th November 2019, has commented “ a very Satisfying and happy experience . The girls are happy and well fed. The dances shown by them are like of professionals. I am grateful for such warm hospitality.
  • Mrs. Nimcha Kipgen, Minister Social welfare, govt. of Manipur and her team of official visited on 25th January 2020 on observance of Children Day 2019.
  • Mr. Ng.Uttam , Director Social Welfare visited on 25th January 2020 ,has commented “Deeply impressed and touched to see the lovely and talented children . Wish them tons of blessings from the almighty”.
Activities during COVID19: 

At the end of the reporting month a pandemic broke all over the world giving huge destruction to mankind. The pandemic is cause by a virus called the corona virus which is easily communicable through touching –sneezing, coughing,shaking hand etc. In order to cope up with this pandemic COVID19 children are given thorough awareness .

  • All precautionary measures, do’s and don’ts are  also taught to all the childrenas well as stafflike social distancing ,hand washing, using of mask, gloves ,sanitizers etc. The precautionary measures as laid down by the WHO’s guidelines are strictly followed.
  • Every alternate day disinfected the surrounding area outside the campus of the home by bleaching powder, phenyl etc.
  • Local Club in collaboration with state Government disinfected the area where the children home is located.
  • Conduct daily checking of body temperature by our residential nurse every morning.
  • Providing psycho- social support for improving their mental health time to time by our counselor staying along with children during the ongoing  lockdown.
  • Providing regular classes in school timing , class test ,online classes for class x students .
  • Providing Zumba classes to enhance their well being and  as a entertainment program , yoga and breathing  exercise  to stay healthy .
  • Weekly report send to social welfare department updating the health and mental status of the children’s during the lockdown.

Various functions/events or organised in the Home.

Networking & Linkages

  • Through Networking with PAM, helps us in carrying out Awareness on Adolescent & Health camp.
  • Through Networking With Lions Club of Imphal River Valley conducted “Health For Her” also carried awareness on Adolescent health.
  • Through Networking with Department of Youth Affairs & Sports (YAS) a 6 Months introductory coaching was started in the field of Judo.
  • The Homes serves as a study site for Orientation & Field Work placement for students of  Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), students of Master of Social Work (MSW) & other Social Sciences (related to Social Work) from Colleges & Universities. 21 BSW and 18 MSW students were given orientation and 7 BSW students and 6 MSW students were given field work placement from different colleges and universities during the reporting period.

Gaps & Constraints

  • Some children who have been staying in the Home for quite a long time developed Institutional syndrome which refers to a situation where the child after staying for a long time in an institution developed a feeling of insecurities resulting to a delinquent behavior.
  • Further education and livelihood skills program for grown up Children is must but due to limited resource it is unable to give the facilities to all the children who attended 18yrs and need such program for facilitating them to lead  an independent  and secure future.
  • Non- functional of after-care program under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in the state of Manipur.
  • Networking for job placement. The Home cannot provide permanent residential facilities for children.
  • Lack of networking between different entitled schemes for Children undertaken/implemented by state as well as central Govt.
  • Children who do not have any family support and who have been relinquished to the Home for quite a long time are not able to proceed for Linkages to Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) since the relatives are reluctant to place these children either for adoption or Foster Care whereas the relatives themselves not showing any interest in child’s welfare.
  • Lack of provision of reservation of under privileged children in Private School. Due to this the children who are studious and have higher ambitions in life are often discourage in their academic career. The qualities of Govt. schools yet to improve.
  • Due to untimely sanction and release of funds make financial constraints for managing the overall requirements of the children home.
  • Children, who are declared Legally Free for Adoption, are not able to get registration for their High School Living Certificate Examination (HSLC) as in the registration format required parents name which is mandatory while uploading in their portal.
  • Special needs children who are declared Legally Free for Adoption are not able to register in Unique Disability ID website for renewing their Disability certificate as the portal required birth certificate with clear parents details which this category of children’s birth certificates are issued in the name of guardians.
  •  Illegal adoption at private hospital and clinic are rampantly practice in the state.
  • PAPs sometimes give up adopting from the agency since they find the process lengthy and time consuming .In order to overcome this issue more sensitization programme is the need of the hour.
  • Parents who are found to be prospective are not able to match children by  the agency since the initial process of adoption is technically handle by CARA and they had to wait for a long time waiting for their referral
  • Children who are declared legally free for adoption are refer to PAPs outside the state with different socio economic background.
  • Special need children who do not have parents or guardians cannot apply for online Disability Certificate since it is mandatory to mention the name of the parents while filling up the online form.