The project is sponsored by Manipur State AIDS Control Society (MSACS), funded by National AIDS Control Society (NACO) and implemented by Integrated Women and Children DevelopmentCentre (IWCDC). The total clients target is 200 and its project area is Thangmeiband, Imphal west. The staff profiles are given below:

  • To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among IDUs and their sexual partners.
  • To provide Care and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • To bring an ownership of the issue of HIV/AIDS by the masses.

Quantitative   Achievement                 Target: 200 male IDUs and spouses.

  Sl No  ITEM/ PARTICULARS  Male/ IDUsFemale/ Spouse  Total
1Total no. of HRG enrolled/given service since inception15175822099
2Total no. of  newHRG registered in the reporting year371148
3Total no. of NSEP clients during the reporting year2080208
4Total no. of Condom clients during the reporting year2080208
5Total no. of clients tested through ICTC3647371
6Total no. of clients found positive through ICTC02002
7Total no. of IDUs screened through TTTI1589167
8Total no. of IDUs found reactive through TTTI426
9Total no. of positive IDUs registered at ART centre during the year314
10Total no. of HIV Positive clients out of the total target assign31738
11Total no. of HIV positive Clients Registered to ART31738
12Total no. of clients on ART31536
13Total no. of clients on Pre – ART123
14Total no. of PLHIV tested for Viral Load28533
15No. of clients tested for CD4819
16Total no. of IDUs referred for Syphillis/VDRL test during the year38515400
17No. of clients referred to OST centre11011
18No. of clients Started OST treatment during the year11011
19No. of Clients referred to RNTCP707
20Total no. of IDUs responded overdoses14014
21Total no. of Needle & Syringes distributed during the year (1ml+2ml+5ml)Distributed
Sl.noMeetingNo. of Participants
1No. of Hot spot level meetings conducted during the year24
2No. of DIC  meetings conducted during the year24
3No. of  Stakeholders  meetings conducted during the year3
4No. of CRT meetings conducted during the year10
5No. of  Health Camp conducted during the year1
6No. of Community Events conducted during the year3
7No. of Staff Review meetings conducted during the year48

IWCDC TI-IDU has made a great achievement throughout the year in various ways. Some incredible moments that can be mention includes the following-

    One Day Health Camp conducted at Thangmeiband Improvement Club (TIC), ThangmeibandYumnamLeikai with collaboration of Lamyanba Healthcare Services.      
       Doctor attending the clients as a weekly visit at DIC.  
    TTTI Camp – is being organized twice every month in which the clients are screened for HIV and is conducted at the Hotspot area.
    HOT SPOT MEETING- conducted twice of every month where the staffs reach out with one and each client and share information regarding drug issues.  
    OVERDOSE MANAGEMENT- TI has been performing a great work in responding OD cases and saving numerous of precious lives.  
    Syringe/ Needles drive at Universal Toilet, North AOC with Field Mentor, FHI360.  
      Advocacy Meeting: Advocacy meeting conducted at Thau ground, Thangmeiband on “Community Mobilisation.”  
    IWCDC team with Chief Functionary attending World AIDS Day, 2019 organised by Manipur State AIDS Control Society.  
      Project Manager attending 1 day training on National Viral Hepatitis- C at Hotel Classic sponsored by CoNE.  
    Supervisory visit from PO, NETSU and Field Mentor, FHI360  
    Auditor and Evaluator verifying the programme data and account section.  
    Evaluator team interacting with TI Staff and Clients for collecting their grievances and feedback.