Outreach and Drop-In Centre (ODIC) is a community-based facility for drug users which is managed by well trained Doctor, nurses, Counselor and outreach workers.It is client-focused with the goal to reduce use and minimize the harms associated with the abuse of drugs among primarily young people in the community. An ODIC is a doorway for drug abusers to a non-threatening and caring environment. It is a hub for all services, which drug users can access as per his or her need and convenience. ODIC will support their right to treatment and care services that are respectful and non-discriminatory.

The main objective is:

  1. To conduct outreach activities among vulnerable young population in the community for prevention of drug use and reduce drug use in the community.
  2. To ensure that services are accessible, community based and differentiated along a continuum of care including psycho social support for drug users, their primary caregivers and families.
  3. To provide a safe and secure drop-in space for drug users in the community, which would have provisions of screening, assessment and counselling. 
  4. To provide referral and linkage to treatment, care and rehabilitation services for drug dependent.
Program highlights
               Doctor’s taking client intake as      well as counseling to overcome from drug abuse. Doctor available 5 days a week and stay 11am to 3pm. -Regular client health’s check up by our ORW cum nurse and provide supplement like Vitamins, Pan-D, and detoxification medicine as per Doctor’s prescription.  
       -Individual counseling to overcome drug abuse, personal crisis, behavior changes communication. A total of 105 individual sessions were carried out during the reporting period   -Group session also held once a month. -A total of 6 group session held during the reporting period.  
    -Advocacy meeting held at Khurai Chaithabi Leikai Meira Paibi Sanglen on 9th Nov’2019 with local women leaders (meira paibi) on the topic ‘Drug abuse prevention’ and  services available at our ODIC. -Advocacy meeting held once in 4 month.  
             -Conducting family session with the clients family at DIC recreational hall on 10thJan’2020. -Family sessions are carried out to involve them in the client treatment and recovery process. -Repeated outreach and motivational counseling required bringing the changes to both family and the client.  
    Identifying hotspot and conducting meeting frequently to overcome and access services available at DIC. -Conducting hotspot meeting at Porompat.  
Staff Orientation Program at RRTC on 4thFeb’2020
Dr. Jayenta Director RRTC and Mr. Pankaj Gupta Program Assistant, NISD visit to ODIC-Imphal East on 30th Jan’2020