CHILDLINE IMPHAL WEST, COLLABORATIVE  ORGANISATION is a national 24 hour free telephone emergency outreach services for children in need of care and protection and aims to link them to long term services. CHILDLINE number 1098 is toll free number that is common in all the cities of India.

Sponsored by:

The project is sponsored by CHILDLINE INDIA FOUNDATION (CIF) under the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD)

Objectives of CHILDLINE IMPHAL WEST collaborative Organization:

To reach out to every child (0-18 yrs) who are in need of care and protection within Imphal West District of Manipur and linking them to long term services for their Care and Rehabilitation.

Role of CHILDLINE Collaborative Organization

  • Responding to cases received on the CHILDLINE 1098 on 24×7 basis
  • Intervention and case follow up on a daily basis
  • Awareness and outreach in the community
  • City mapping to identify high risk areas where vulnerable children are found.

CHILDLINE works for the victims of:

–> Child labour, Domestic helper
–> Child trafficking, Missing children
–> Children abandoned by parents or guardian
–> Children affected by physical/ sexual/ emotional abuse
–> Run away children
–> Children in conflict with law
–> Minor marriage
–> Children whose parents are in crisis
–> Orphan
–> Differently abled children.

Assistance provided:

–>  Shelter
–>Protection from abuse
–> Restoration
–> Repatriation
–> Sponsorship
–> Emotional support &  guidance

Childline Imphal West function with the help of:

Ø  Social Welfare Department
Ø  Child Welfare Committee
Ø  Juvenile Justice Board
Ø  Police Department
Ø  Labour Department
Ø  Health care system
Ø  Department of Telecommunication
Transport Department


Community Awareness: Childline Imphal West carried out Awareness programme to educate general public on child rights and whom they can contact if they need help. As a part of the programme sticker/poster campaign with auto rickshaw drivers were also conducted in different parts of Imphl West Districts.

CHILDLINE SE DOSTI was conducted from 14th Nov to 21stNov 2018. The main objectives of the program is to make a million more friends for CHILDLINE 1098. As a part of CSD campaign painting competition, ex- tempore speech competition, dance competition, were conducted in various Child Care institutions and Schools of Imphal West District.

Open House: Open house encourage the children to participate, it mainly discussed based on the issues raised by the children.The program aims to provide a platform for the children to share their views and suggestions.

Komal Screening: Komal- A short film on Child Sexual Abuse has been shared to students of different schools in Imphal West District to help them learn what sexual abuse is and how to deal with these situations.

Outreach Program: As a part of awareness several sections of our society such as women leaders, community leaders, club members, students group etc were interacted and made them aware about CHILDLINE 1098.

CHILDLINE Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting:  During the reporting period CAB meeting was held on 26th June 2019 chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Imphal West. The Childline Advisory Board is the Principal policy making body of CHILDLINE at the district level for ensuring the effective functioning of CHILDLINE. The Board comprises of senior most functionaries of various departments responsible for delivering child Protection such as Police Dept, Labour Dept, Education Dept, Health Dept. etc.

District Crime meeting: District Crime meeting of Imphal West District was held on 28th May 2019 and 29th July 2019. The meeting mainly discussed the pending cases related to POCSO and other cases involving children.

Childline visibility: Wall painted about CHILDLINE services at various part of Imphal West District of Manipur. It aims to give awareness to general masses about Childline services.

Quantitative Achievement (During the reporting period)

Sl noName of the ProgramNo of Program
1No. of School awareness conducted during the reporting period 8
2No. of Community awareness conducted during the reporting period3
3No. of Open House conducted during the reporting period11
4No. of Childline visibility ( Wall painting & Hoarding)6
5No. of CAB meeting conducted1
6No. of District Crime meeting conducted2
7No. of staff Training & orientation conducted7
8Childline Se Dosti1
9No. of meetings with Block/Health/Panchayat/ASHA/Anganwadi Worker6
  • CHILDLINE Logo and Komal Movie ( a short film on child sexual abuse) was uploaded in the District Administration website.
  • Childline Imphal West could get authorization letter from the Health Department ,the ZEO Wangoi and ZEO Zone 1 for conducting awareness program on Child Rights and its protection issues to the school teachers, students,to the staffs of primary health centres, Community Health Centres, Private clinics and ASHA

Quantitative Achievement