About the Agency

Punya Nawa Yaiphakol, Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) implemented by Integrated Women and Children Development Centre (IWCDC). Thangmeiband Yumnam Leikai, PO Lamphelpat  Imphal West District, Manipur is an adoption cum placement centre for children ranging from 0 to 6  The agency a rendered services and give custody to those children who are either surrendered by parents or relatives or found abandoned on road and other discarded places. Moreover, the Agency also gives services to children who are in need of care and protection until they reach 6 years of age

Establishment And Capacity

The 10 bedded Adoption  Agency was established in the year 2001 and since then Punya Nawa Yaiphakol has been catering services for more than 19 years by giving adoptions through proper channel to become the legitimate child of the adoptive parents with all the rights and privilege that are attached to the relationship through proper legal procedure. Since inception the Agency has given 82 children for adoption out of which 76in country adoption and 6 in inter country adoption after thorough procedure as prescribed by CARA guidelines.

The Agency facilitates a capacity of 10 beds.

Recognition & Jurisdiction

Punya Nawa Yaiphakol is a Adoption Agency run by license NGO bearing registration Number 3042 of 1980 under JJ Act bearing registration no.9/4/JJA of 2016 and granted recognition as Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) .The agency falls under the jurisdiction of Imphal West District.

Functioning Body

The adoption agency function under the umbrella of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)  an autonomous body under Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD),Government of India, functioning as the nodal body of Indian children and mandated to monitor and regulate in country and inter country adoption . It is sponsored by Social Welfare Department ,Government of Manipur under the Central Sponsored Scheme , Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), Ministry of Women And child Development ,Government of India


To place all abandoned, destitute, orphan and relinquished children to a loving, happy and secure home enabling them to enter the mainstream of life and also help many childless eligible couples to become parents and complete their family.


          The main focus of the adoption agency is to find an adoring family for every surrendered, abandoned and orphan child who can give all the parental love and affection.  

Quantitative Report for the financial year 2019-20
1No .of children at the beginning of the reporting period (April 2019):  08
2No .of newly admitted children :  12
3No .of children present during the reporting period in SAA:  20
4No.of children transfer:  03
5No.of children restored:03  
6No .of children placed in Inter country adoption:  0
7No. of children placed in In-country adoption:  02
8No .of children at the end of the reporting month(March 2020) :  12
9No .of prospective adoptive parents registered:  05
10No .of home study conducted:  05
11No.of social enquiry conducted:  05

Services provided :

Diet & Nutrition :The children are provided seasonal nutritious food according to a prescribed diet chart. Infant formulae with high nutritive value are given to underweight children or preterm babies. Special attention regarding diet is given to sick and weak children. 

Recreation / Exposure: Apart from studies, children are kept engaging themselves by playing Indoor games like blocks, dolls etc. The children are also given exposure in different activities like Yaosang sports and outing, enabling them to expose freely into the open space.

Care and attention by the staffs: Children are taken care by the Ayahs day and night wholeheartedly without hesitation. Need and requirement for every child are strictly monitored by the staff especially by the Ayahs.

Education : Formal education is given to children at school located at walk able distance. Informal educations are also given to smaller children at Anganwadi centre. Before enrolling to formal school children are provided basic education by the staff. The Home provides basic education enabling them to joint to formal schooling.

Medical care:  The healths of the children are a paramount consideration and keeping in view of this, the health of the children are strictly monitored. The agency also immunised every child accordingly to the immunisation schedule at RIMS & JNIMS hospital. Regular health check up are done once a week or whenever need arises by the concern paediatrician .Immediate medical care are also given even in odd hours. Nurses are available round the clock.

Other Services

  • Parents who are desirous of adopting a child can also registered on CARINGS, a web based portal design by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) ; thereafter a home study is conducted by the agency to see the suitability of the parents to adopt and uploaded the same on the CARINGS.
  • Social enquiry is also conducted as per the order of Child Welfare Committee for every CNCP categorized child.
  • Follow up of adopted children are also conducted after every six months counting from the date of foster care to see how the child is adapting to the new environment.
  • A cradle point is installed at the adoption agency for placing of unwanted children who do not want to disclose their identity.

Adoption : 

The most important services provided by the agency is to give adoption to Prospective Adoption Parents who are registered on CARINGS. The legal process of adoption are in accordance with the Guideline Governing  Adoption of Children and as per JJ Rules .Children with physical  special needs are mostly refer  for intercountry  adoption but so far children with mental special need are yet to get adopted.The approval of incountry adoption are decided by the adoption committee consisting of DCPU, paediatrician and co ordinator/social worker but the approval of intercountry adoption are decided by the receiving country and CARA by issuing No Objection Certificate.

Other activities:       

The Adoption Committee consist of the DCPU,concern doctor and the social worker of the adoption agency.The AC meeting  form one of the most important part in the smooth completion of the legal adoption process .The PAPs who have referred child for adoption from the agency are thoroughly scrutinised the PAPs with all the documents uploaded on CARINGS and thereafter decided the suitability of the PAPs.The decision made by the committee is final and  irrevocable .

The Adoption agency also cater services in transferring children to other agency or Child Care Institutions  .A CNCP  child from the agency was transferred to Tamenglong District due to age exceeding factor. This child was in the home for two years among children with different socio cultural background .He even started to forget his own dialect and his culture.
After transferring to his own hometown he is now able to mingle with children having same dialects and same culture.
Children are first produced by CHILDLINE to the Child Welfare Committee  and thereafter order for custody to the SAA by the concern CWC. No child can get admitted without the order of the CWC.
Altogether 11 children are referred by CHILDLINE.